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It's Time


Networking Event for Wellness Professionals

September 18, 2022


Anthony Bowen YMCA

Washington, DC

Anthony Bowen YMCA of Metropolitan Washington is a proud partner of DMV Black Yoga and Wellness Week.

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About the Event

Come and network at beautiful Anthony Bowen's large event room and terrace. Show up and let us honor you for your commitment to the community. Dress casually and participate in  yoga and meditation, if you desire.   This is an exclusive time just for you. We are proud to partner with YMCA Anthony Bowen for our DMV Black Yoga and Wellness Week.

About the Venue

Founded in 1853, YMCA Anthony Bowen was the first YMCA open to African-Americans in the world. Inspired by his friend William Chauncey Langdon, founder of the YMCA of the City of Washington, Anthony Bowen was committed to the advancement of African-Americans in social, educational, and religious respects. 

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