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It's Time

Holistic Spa Wellness 

Saturday September 28, 2024

2:30 pm-8:00 pm

$85 pp 

Nonrefundable but Transferrable

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About the Event

Join us for a day of wellness at beautiful Spiritual Essence Yoga & Wellness Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. We will begin with a  meditative walk and sky gazing as we prepare our minds and bodies for our indoor wellness experience. Indoors experiences include  holistic group  spa sessions using bolsters, pillows, blocks, and more. There will also be fun creative arts group classes and options for your private meditation, reflexology, massage,  wellness consults, and more. Opportunities to purchase and explore wellness products will available to enhance your wellness experience at home. You will leave with a myriad of wellness experiences and a gift box that will enhance your overall wellness.

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